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Palo Alto Shuttle Service
The City of Palo Alto's Shuttle is free and open to everyone. All shuttles are wheelchair accessible. Bus stops are marked with a "Palo Alto Shuttle" sign, a sticker on a regular VTA bus stop sign, or a “Shuttle” decal on a stop sign pole in residential areas. 


embarcadero shuttle logoThe Embarcadero Shuttle schedule provides service between the University Avenue Caltrain Station and the Baylands Business Parks east of Highway 101/Embarcadero.  Local schools and community facilities are also served in between including Palo Alto High School, Jordan Middle School and Castilleja School.  The Embarcadero Shuttle runs approximately every 15 minutes, Monday through Friday from the Palo Alto Caltrain station to the Embarcadero/Baylands during commute hours and is coordinated with the Caltrain schedule. 

Embarcadero Shuttle Schedule (effective August 23, 2010)

crosstown shuttle logo

The Crosstown Shuttle schedule will be changing on February 28, 2011 when it begins operation through its new service provider-MV Transportation.  The Crosstown Shuttle connects the downtown, residential neighborhoods, schools, senior residences, libraries, recreation centers, and commercial districts between the Palo Alto Caltrain station and East Charleston Road.  Improvements to the service schedule include the addition of an enhanced morning and afternoon school commute service and corrections to the late afternoon service runs. New timed stops at JLS Middle School and Midtown are also being provided to better serve the community.  The Crosstown Shuttle will continue on the current route between Downtown Palo Alto and East Charleston Road. Key activity centers and housing developments served include the Main Library, Avenidas, Lytton Gardens, Channing House, Jordan Middle School, Mitchell Park, JLS Middle School, Stevenson House and Midtown shopping district.

Crosstown Shuttle Schedule (effective March 7, 2011)

To view the GPS tracking system of the Crosstown shuttle, please click on the link below.

One Crosstown shuttle is in operation throughout each weekday with additional school commute service. GPS tracking system is not available for Embarcadero shuttle at this time.

For more information, contact the Transportation Division:
Call:  650-329-2520

Additional Transit Information in Palo Alto:
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