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250 Hamilton Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Phone: 650-329-2161
Fax: 650-617-3142
Mon-Thu 7:30-5:30 PM
Fri 8-5pm
GAS LEAKS: 650-329-2579
Power Outage Info: 650-496-6914
Utilities News
Planned Electrical Outages for System Improvements
Outage from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. from 1100 to 1500 blocks of Alma and surrounding streets on Saturday, July 14.

PG&E Gas Pipeline Work in Palo Alto
New vault being installed on Page Mill Road; repaired valve leak at Embarcadero & Bayshore; major project to replace gas transmission Line on Charleston going on now; Miranda Ave project to begin in late July. 

Power, Gas & Fiber Optic Service Disruptions
None at this time.

Your Utilities--New Rates
This "owners guide" for Palo Alto residents gives an overview of rate changes in the context of key values and supply issues.
Gas main replacement

Residential Energy Assistance Program
Low income customers can lower their utility bills permanently and improve home comfort with our FREE program.

Utilities Financial Assistance Programs
The City of Palo Alto has ways to help you with utility costs if you are experiencing financial hardship. 

Palo Alto's Solar PV Program is a National Achiever
National rankings show Palo Alto is again among the top utilities nationwide for solar electric installations.

Customer Service Center Hours
Handy listing of days and times.

My Utilities Account
See information about your utility bill and usage online.   

Causes for High Utilities Bills
Have a high utilities bill and wonder what could be the cause?  We have answers here!

Identity Theft
A Guide To Prevention and What To Do If You Are a Victim

Gas Leak Surveyors Checking System
The annual mobile gas leak survey of Palo Alto's entire system for 2012 will begin on April 2.

Backflow Prevention Device---Have you been directed to install one?
Helpful guidelines for water utility customers who are required to install a backflow prevention device.

Utilities Contacts
Facts about the Utilities Department and who to contact.

Annual Natural Gas Safety Survey Information
For those who have participated in the survey, we THANK you for your input.

Informative and Useful Brochures
Information on City of Palo Alto Utilities to download
( visit Utilities Publications )

Keeping Cool In the Summer
Stay comfortable and save energy with these tips.

Meter Reading Info & Schedule
Find out more about the meter-reading schedules and options.

Water Saving Strategies
Alternatives to lawn and other ways to reduce water waste.
Don't waste water. Avoid run-off.

Change in Electric Outage Notification
Electric outage calls are sent to a third party agency at night and on the weekend.  As a customer, you should notice no change in your service or response time. 

Read Your Own Meter? Info here.
Don't forget, the Utilities Department needs access to your meters to conduct its mandatory annual meter-reading audit every May.

Project PLEDGE Donations Welcome
By making a voluntary donation in your utilities bill, you can help your Palo Alto neighbors who are experiencing an unexpected hardship and can't pay their bill.


Rate Assistance Program (RAP)
The City of Palo Alto Utilities offers a 25 percent gas and electric discount to provide financial relief to residents who meet special medical or financial qualifications. Call the Customer Service Center at (650) 329-2333 for additional assistance or download an application form here.


Solar Water Heating Program
Solar Water Heating systems are a great way to generate hot water for your home or business. The fuel they use—sunshine—is free.

Emergency Water Supply and Storage Project
New reservoir, wells and pump stations being constructed as part of this important Project approved by voters in November 2007.
( emergency water supply and storage faq page )

SMART Energy Rebate Program
Rebates to install energy efficient electric and gas saving items in your home.  For interest free loan information, go here

Reduce High Winter Gas Bills
Now that cold weather is here, it's time to prepare your home to stay warm and save on natural gas!

PaloAltoGreen Program
The affordable way to support 100% clean wind and solar power. 
( visit the paloaltogreen home page )

Information About Utility Rates
Information about electric, natural gas, water, refuse, storm drain and sewer connection fees
( Visit the utility home page )

Bank Drafting
Bill payments made easy

About CPAU
The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) is the only municipal utility in California that operates city-owned utility services that include electric, fiber optic, natural gas, water and wastewater services.
( related documents )

Energy Saving Tips
Tips for reducing energy use in your home.

Utilities Bill Inserts---Current and Previous Months
Check out this archive of current and previous month's utilities bill inserts with information you can really use! 

Fiber Optic Services Pricing Overview
General information and examples of how the City's Fiber Optic Service pricing works.

Commercial Fiber Optics Service
Information on new fiber-ready properties, new backbone segments and splice points on our network and other system improvements.

Water Quality Report
We're proud to provide this community with water that meets or exceeds all state and federal standards for water quality, according to data reviewed and approved by the California Department of Health Services (DOHS).

Power Content Label
The Power Content Label (PCL) is like a nutrition label to help consumers make informed decisions when selecting an energy service provider or energy product.
( utilities forms and publications )

Calling Young Artists! Illustrate Your Green Ideas!
Are you under 17 and enjoy creating art?  See the current Utilities Art Show catalog and consider creating something for the next edition!

Water Conservation - Residential
Residential water conservation rebates and programs.

Gas & Sewer Safety Inspection Program
The Utilities Department is continuing its gas-sewer crossbore inspection program, originally launched in July 2011.

Utilities Rules and Regulations
Listing of the current rules and regulations for City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) customers.
( visit Utilities Publications )

Automatic Bank Draft Program
Fast, convenient, and simple!  Bill payments made easy. Take advantage of our Automatic Bill Payment service, also known as "Bank Drafting."

How To Keep Your Sanitary Sewer Working Properly
Ways to prevent sewer backups and avoid expensive emergency plumbing.

LED Streetlights Shine
Installations now complete on Alma and El Camino Real.

Loans for Business and Non-Profit Agencies
No interest loans for completing electric efficiency projects!

El Camino Park Closed during Water Reservoir Construction
From now through 2013,  El Camino Park will be closed for construction of a new underground reservoir and well for our emergency water supply; park renovation will follow.

Wasted Energy Through Phantom Loads and Game Consoles
 Find out how to avoid wasting energy through "phantom loads" and how much energy your video game console uses when it is OFF!

How Does Your Water Use Measure Up?
Do you use a typical amount of water?  Or should you try to reduce your water use? 

Refrigerator Recycling Program
Let us pay you $35 to remove your older running refrigerator, taking this high energy user out of service permanently.

Federal Stimulus Funds Projects
Update on the projects paid for by the Federal Stimulus funds

Credits for Solar Electric (PV) Customers
State law mandates how customers who have solar electric or PV systems get credited for their system's generation.  Let us know how you wish to receive this credit.

Average Electric Rate Comparison
How do the City of Palo Alto Utilities' electric rates compare with others?

New Federal Loan Program for Efficiency Improvements
The PowerSaver program could help you to finance efficiency measures at your home.

Recycled Water System
Information on the Recycled Water System

Utilities Customer Meter Reading Form
How to take your own meter reading and send it in
( go to the form )

Earthquake Safety Tips
Getting ready for an earthquake
( For more safety information )
Photographer: J.K. Nakata, U.S. Geological Survey; image is public domain%2Fof free use

Landscape Efficiency
It's never been easier to have a beautiful, water efficient garden--Be Bay-Friendly!

Residential New Construction Incentive
Get a rebate for constructing an energy and water efficient home in Palo Alto.

Landscape Efficiency Requirements
Information on the City's Landscape Efficiency Requirements.

Home Energy Analysis
The new Home Energy Reports provide comparative information on your energy use. Information about the Home Energy Report is available.

Click here to reach an on-line energy audit service.

Home Energy Reports
A new way to get information about your energy usage has arrived in Palo Alto.

Gas Safety for Homes with Slab Foundations
Being safe when a natural gas line runs under a home's slab foundation. 

Watt Meters at Library
Find out how much energy you are using and SAVE!

San Francisquito Creek Work Finished
The Santa Clara Valley Water District surveyed conditions on the San Francisquito Creek in May and June of 2010.

Water Cloudiness Does Not Impact Safety
Every year there is work on the water supply system, typically in January.  During this time, there may be a slight and temporary change in your water.   This will not impact its safety or quality.

City Purchases In-Town Solar RECs for PaloAltoGreen
Renewable Energy Certificates from the large solar PV system at Roche to be used for green program

Gas Meter Removal
Customers with natural gas meters who do not use the service may request a meter removal.

Geoexchange Heat Pump (GSHP)
Learn how the Children's Library in Palo Alto is utilizing a geoexchange heat pump to heat and cool the building more efficiently.
( see how it all works )

Palo Alto Recycled Water Project
The Palo Alto Recycled Water Project (Project) is Phase 3 of the City of Palo Alto Water Reuse Program.

Citywide Contact Directory
Contact information

Electricity Reliability During Summer Months in California
During the summer, this is what you need to know about outages.

Business New Construction Rebate Program
Use Palo Alto’s Business New Construction (BNC) program when constructing or renovation/remodeling your facility.

Your Home
How we can help you at home.
( utilities faqs )

Changes Improve Your Utilities Payment System
The Utilities Department changed its payment system, but customers were able to just sit back and relax. 

Energy Efficiency Results in Palo Alto
Achieved energy savings from Palo Alto and other California publicly owned utilities.

Water System Flushing Schedule
CPAU Completes Water Main Distribution System Flushing Annually; Info Here

Natural Gas Fixed-term Rate Indications
Available rates for natural gas fixed-term rate options

Furnace Replacement
When does it make financial sense to replace a furnace?
( visit the development center )

Fiber Optics Glossary of Terms
For businesses interested in the City's Fiber Optics program, we provide this handy explanation of common terms.

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