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Creek Monitor

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San Francisquito Creek at West Bayshore Road

Creek Monitor

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Important Note: The graphics above have been modified to better reflect the individual creek configurations. The number at the top right of each graphic represents the approximate water depth at which water will begin to spill from the creek. Due to the presence of floodwalls and levees at the creek monitoring locations, creek levels can rise several feet above the bottom of bridges before overtopping occurs. The graphic depictions of the creeks shown above are representative of the shape of each creek channel. It is important to note that the actual percentage of flow capacity for each creek varies non-uniformly with depth. Here is the water depth for each creek monitoring point that approximately corresponds to 50% and 70% of total flow capacity:
Creek Capacity Levels
50% Capacity
70% Capacity
San Francisquito Creek
At Waverley St.
16 ft.
20 ft.
At Chaucer St.
13 ft.
16.5 ft.
At W. Bayshore Rd.
8 ft.
11 ft.
Matadero Creek
At W. Bayshore Rd.
7.6 ft.
10 ft.
Adobe Creek
At E. Meadow Dr.
6.4 ft.
8.7 ft.


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